Ukraine – Milk Farming


TOB Zoloti Luky


Two Swiss agronomists and their Ukrainian partner acquired old farm buildings in Illintsi, a village in the Winnitska region, and re-launched a former milk farm focusing on the production of high quality milk.

The investors received a loan from the SSF in 2007 in order to co-finance the start-up phase including the purchase of equipment, cattle, infrastructure and providing working capital. After this risky startup-period, the investors could now fully refinance the operation with private investors.

Today, the cowsheds and additional buildings have been renovated, over 270 hectares of land are rented from the local community for feed production. Their herd amounts to 230 cows producing 2.8 tons of milk a day. The milk sales have been increasing steadily and the demand for high quality milk is still exceeding the quantity of what Zoloti Luky can currently produce. All of the milk is delivered to a nearby dairy processor.

The operations of Zoloti Luky created thirty jobs. Being one of the only possible sources of employment for the people of the village Parijvka, the farm applies a policy of offering stable income opportunities and promotes the ongoing training for those employees taking responsibility. The farm also follows the Swiss Protection of Animals Act and is considering further developments such as possible conversion of its production to an organically certified milk production.

The business is successful and continues to grow.

Development Impact

Creation of 30 jobs