Tanzania – Small Hydropower


Tulila Hydro-Electric Plant Company

Projekt Beschreibung

A Swiss entrepreneur is setting up a small hydro-power station which will provide access to electricity in a rural area of south-western Tanzania. The project will also serve as an income base for social Projects.

The project consists in the construction and operation of a 5 MW hydro-power plant on the Ruvuma River in south-western Tanzania. During the first years the project will produce electricity exclusively for the region. Later on it will feed into the national grid. The project will be managed by the Benedictine Sisters of St. Agnes who will also become the owner once the project is debt free. The Sisters of St. Agnes conduct various social and developmental projects in the area. The income from selling electricity will provide a sustainable income base to finance these projects.

The loan of the SECO Start-up Fund was used to refinance VAT on construction costs and cost-overruns.

Development Impact

Creation of 5 permanent jobs

Diesel generators are replaced with renewable energy

Access to reliable electricity for 7800 households