Serbia – Ultrasonic Welding Machines


Telsonic AG


Telsonic AG, a Swiss company established in 1966 in Bronschofen, Switzerland, is a leader in ultrasound technology with a workforce of 135 and subsidiaries in Germany, England, the USA and Japan. The company focuses on four sectors: ultrasonic plastic welding, ultrasonic cleaning, ultrasonic screening and ultrasonic special applications.

In 2003 the Telsonic Group set up a factory to produce ultrasonic machine components used for metal and plastic welding near Novi Sad, Serbia. The factory, established in partnership with a local Serbian entrepreneur, who also manages the operation, sold its entire output to the Telsonic Group.

The project created twenty jobs for well-qualified workers, and provides important know-how transfer in the newest ultrasonic manufacturing techniques. The project is likely to grow considerably in the long-term and create additional jobs.

Telsonic AG received a credit from the SECO Start-up Fund to finance equipment and working capital in the initial phase of the project.

Development Impact

Creation of 20 jobs