Serbia – Regenerated Cellulose


Noble Environment


Noble Environment Technologies Corp. is a company founded by an architect in the late 1990s in California. In 2006, the company developed procedures to regenerate waste containing cellulose (paper, cardboard, straw, etc.) to produce interior design articles and elements for interior fittings.

Once these products had reached marketability, the company started to develop markets outside of the USA and found in Serbia a cost-effective and suitable location for its new Eastern Europe based production plant.

Together with a Swiss investor, who has extensive managing experiences in the furniture industry, they founded a Serbian sister company and set up this new production plant, which was co-financed by the SECO Start-up Fund. The company plans to create about 100 jobs and contributes to an important know-how transfer of an environmental friendly recycling procedure.

Development Impact

Creation of jobs and know-how transfer