Romania – Dairy


Carpalat SRL


A business woman who has lived and worked in Switzerland for many years, bought the abandoned premises of a former state-owned milk farm near Sibiu, Romania, where she founded a dairy manufacturing company, Carpalat SRL, in 2003. She imported dairy equipment from Switzerland and Italy, and started to rebuild the complete infrastructure.

A local supermarket in Sibiu is buying Carpalat’s entire production. The project was able to establish permanent sales channels and a high-quality milk supply, and now produces products with a higher added value, such as cheese, cream and assorted yoghurts. The project created jobs for locals and there is know-how transfer in milk, cheese and yoghurt manufacturing techniques. Carpalat also provides veterinary services to local cattle farmers who only need to pay for the medical supplies. This supports the improvement of the hygiene and health of the district’s cattle.

Carpalat SRL received a credit from the SECO Start-up Fund to finance the renovation of the farm’s buildings in the start-up phase of the project.

Development Impact

Creation of 42 job