Romania – Cosmetics




The Déesse group with its global headquarters in Switzerland, offers a comprehensive range of beauty and wellness products.

The brand “made in Switzerland” enabled the company to expand to numerous countries. The affiliate in Romania, Capra Nera by Déesse of Switzerland, was established in 2002 and has since experienced fast growing sales.

In order to meet the demand, Déesse decided to expand its business by operating through a distribution center and business hub located in Otopeni, Romania. Capra Nera employed 1,500 sales agents, three hundred of them on a full time basis. In addition, 20-30 jobs were created at the new distribution center. As all the packaging material is recyclable, the project serves as a model for environmentally-sound recycling methods. The sponsors received a credit from the SECO Start-up Fund to cover part of the construction costs for the new distribution center.