Promising start for Swiss Serbian Start-up BAD SISTEMS in 2021

Promising start for Swiss Serbian Start-up BAD SISTEMS in 2021

Over the past 18 months the company has successfully developed, a transportation and load platform with the purpose to more efficiently match demand and supply of cargo transport services. The platform supports various needs of logistics businesses, such as search for last-minute transportation and best offers, the fulfilment of special technical requirements of a transport, finding freight for transportation or connecting with people of trust. NadjiTuru’s offer is addressed towards freight forwarders, transport and logistics companies, trade companies, manufacturers, importers, exporters and many others.

Over the past months the platform has gained increasing traction and has made BAD SISTEMS one of the leading players in the Serbian Logistics Industry. As per feedback from the market the platform has offered many features during COVID19 crisis, such as partnership with OTP Bank where customers of the platform could use banking services for 6 months free of charge or a premium leasing offer to get new vehicles.

For Q1 2021 it is planned to expand the platform to North Macedonia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, with future plans to reach out to the whole Balkan region by end of 2021. For this move to the regional level NadjiTuru has recently been rebranded to STARLOADS . As of beginning Q2 of 2021 STARLOADS, in partnership with a Serbian factoring service, will also offer financing to its customers, to help companies assure liquidity during these challenging times.

On BAD SISTEMS: BAD SISTEMS d.o.o. was founded in 2016 by a team of Swiss and Serbian professionals and with support of a loan from the SECO Start-up Fund. Located in Nis, South Serbia, upcoming hotspot for IT Services, the company focuses on developing web-based software solutions for corporate customers from various industries. The mission is to accompany customers in digitalization processes through tailor made solutions and advice and by that help particularly SMEs and SMIs to successfully adapt their business models to the requirements of the digital age. BAD SISTEMS undertakes strong efforts to build and deepen local IT expertise in South Serbia.