Kosovo – Wood Pellets
Thes Ari


A successful Swiss business man who started establishing companies in Kosovo in 2002 in different sectors before he initiated producing wooden briquettes in 2008.

Gaining experience in this industry and observing positive sales, he decided to expand and start the production of wooden pellets for which he needed additional funds in order to invest in new machines and developing new infrastructures.

Today, the production of pellets and briquettes is at about 12-15 tons per day. Thes Ari has a 15-20% market share in Kosovo. Two local clients include a hospital and a health resort. Even though competition has established, the request for pellets is still much higher than what Thes Ari can currently produce. An expansion and purchase of additional machinery is planned. So far the company created 17 new jobs since the investment in 2011. Producing briquettes and pellets supports the disposal of wood wastes and substitutes gas, oil, coal and electricity as sources of energy.

Development Impact

Creation of 25 jobs