Kosovo – Collection Station for Fruits and Vegetables
Agrocenter Sh.p.k.


The entrepreneur is a former teacher who immigrated to Switzerland in the 1970s. He has been working in the food business in Switzerland for many years before he decided to start up his own business in his country of origin.

Kosovo has a lot of potential in cultivating fruits and vegetables, which is not fully tapped yet. A big part of consumed fruits and vegetables are still imported, despite the suitable agricultural conditions found in the area. Agrocenter Sh.p.k. works as a collection station for local fruits and vegetables, where the goods can be washed, packed and stored before being sold to retailers as a finished product, also during off season.

The loan received from the SECO Start-up Fund was necessary to purchase equipment, co-finance the building and to provide working capital.

One defined goal of the company is to stimulate the local agriculture. Over 60 local family run farms should be able to regularly sell their goods to Agrocenter Sh.p.k. and herewith achieve additional income.