Georgia – Mineral Water


Cqali Margebeli


The Company operates a mineral water bottling plant and sells its products to local as well as to a few neighboring foreign markets. The Company is jointly owned by local and Swiss private investors and is managed by a small local management team.

Cqali Margebeli was established through a privatization process, during which investors acquired assets of an inoperative, idle mineral water plant and restarted very simple bottling and sales activities. The real start-up began two years later with the acquisition of the remaining existing buildings, equipment and infrastructure of the former state enterprise, which enabled the management to test the brand name of this still well known mineral water on local and on nearby foreign markets. During this phase, an SSF loan facilitated this start-up process.
The successful revitalization of the mineral water brand Nabeghlavi encouraged the sponsors to plan for major rehabilitation investments and to implement Western industry manufacturing standards. The success of the company opened the doors of a local bank, which provided the required credit line for this expansion phase.
Today, the company is the major employer in a remote, mainly agricultural area with over 360 employees and a sales volume of over USD 17 million. It generates a high cash flow from its operating activities, which allowed to reimburse all outstanding loans and to complete investment in facilities and infrastructure mainly with own funds.


creation of 362 jobs