Neuanfang im Mount Sunzu Coffee Estate

Mount Sunzu Coffee Estate - Single Estate Specialty Coffee from the Heart of Africa

Three young Swiss entrepreneurs are implementing a farm for producing aromatic speciality coffee in the North of Zambia. They have acquired a 770-hectare farm, near beautiful Mount Sunzu, which also lent the farm its name.

The region is a secret hot-spot for fine flavour coffee. The entrepreneurs’ aim is to produce high-quality Arabica coffee in smaller batches and in line with the requirements for single-origin speciality coffee. Modern technics will ensure a fully traceable and transparent supply chain.

Mount Sunzu Coffee Estate shall also seek to contribute to the social and ecological well-being of the region. During the start-up phase Mount Sunzu aims at providing work for up to 20 full-time employees and 100 seasonal employees – with potential for many more in the future. Further, only 300 hectares of the farm’s land will be used for growing coffee in a sustainable manner, whereby coffee grows below native trees, providing shading for plants and workers. The remaining 470 hectares will be left in their original state as Miombo forest and function as ecological compensation area, where wildlife and biodiversity will be protected conservation area.

In late 2019 SECO Start-up Fund had approved a loan for the first development phase of Mount Sunzu – to prepare the land, set up the infrastructure and irrigation systems and build the nursery. However, just when the work was about to start in spring 2020 Corona lock-downs hit and the project had to be pushed by a year. With the gradual phasing out of restrictions in Zambia the entrepreneurs are back in Mount Sunzu with fresh energy, ready to roll up their sleeves. Workings around farm house, irrigation systems and nursery are progressing well.

www.mountsunzu.comWork is progressing at nursery