Kenya – Waste Management and Recycling
TakaTaka Solutions Ltd.

Projekt Beschreibung

TakaTaka Solutions Ltd. was founded in 2011 as a social enterprise to demonstrate the case for responsible and commercially viable waste management in Kenya and pursues the vision of a more circular economy.


TakaTaka Solutions offers private waste management at an affordable price also for poorer households and recycles up to 95% of the waste collected through sorting and on-selling of valuable materials and composting and selling of organic waste.

As a strategy for further growth TakaTaka Solutions aims to vertically integrate towards recycling. The loan of SECO Start-up Fund is used to finance modern equipment for recycling single use plastics.

Development Impact

Creation of 600+ jobs and income generation for waste pickers

Environmentally friendly production and contribution to circular economy

Export of 20% of plastic flakes

Saving of 10’000 tons of CO2/year until 2023