China – Measuring Instruments


Rueger SA


Rueger SA, a company based in Crissier (Lausanne), offers a complete range of temperature and pressure measuring instruments, which are used in the petrochemical, pharmaceutical, food processing and manufacturing industries.

The company of 170 employees with subsidiaries in Germany and Italy, capitalized on the rapid growth of South East Asian markets by opening a sales office in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, in July 1997. With the aim of further expanding its presence in Asia and improving its service to existing clients in China and South East Asia, the company set up a manufacturing facility in Shanghai.

The factory is a joint venture with private Chinese company that has been producing temperature measuring instruments for ten years and is selling them on the Chinese market.

The joint venture operates under the license of Rueger in Switzerland, and procures all sophisticated components from Rueger SA to ensure quality. Several local employees were trained in Switzerland. Rueger SA was able to secure co-financing from the SECO Start-up Fund for equipment, material and operating expenses.

Development Impact

Creation of 40 jobs